Native American Research
In the years I conducted research, one of my specialties was Native American Research.  I have collected a large volume of records which include Native American Indexes and Rolls information, books, and records that I have published since the early 1980s.
I can research your ancestor in these records at my home without travel expense.  Records in my personal collection are the "Dawes Rolls (includes Cherokee by Blood, Choctaw by Marriage, Final Rolls of Choctaw by Blood, New Born Choctaw by Blood, Minor Choctaw Freedmen, Minor Choctaw by Blood, Choctaw Freedmen, Mississippi Choctaw, Newborn Mississippi Choctaw, Minor Mississippi Choctaws, Chickasaws By Blood, Newborn Chickaws by Blood, Minor Chickasaws By Blood, Chickasaws By Marriage, Chickasaw Freedmen, Delaware Cherokees, Cherokees By Intermarriage, Minor Cherokees, Cherokee Freedmen, Minor Cherokee Freedmen, Creeks By Blood, NewBorn Creeks By Blood, Minor Creeks By Blood, Creek Freedmen, Newborn Creek Freedmen, Minor Creek Freedmen, Newborm Seminoles By Blood, Newborn Seminole Freedmen, and Seminoles By Blood and Freedman.," "Churchill Rolls," "Churchill Roll Rejections 1908," "Reservation Roll 1817," "Baker Roll 1924" "Mullay Rolls 1848", "Siler Rolls 1851", "Chapman Rolls 1852", "Hester Rolls 1853," "Guion Miller 1898-1914, 1909", "Swetland Roll 1869", "Old Settlers 1851", "Drennen Rolls 1852," "Ohio Tribes."  In addition, I have some Eastern Cherokee records and some Ohio Native American records.
In addition, I can search a very large collection of Native American (American Indian) records through the National Archives here in Kansas City.  I also have access to our wonderful library collection, (from our four major genealogical libraries here in the Kansas City area), or through numerous other resources that I have available to me as a researcher.
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