Research Order Form

Vintage Products
9640 Walmer
Overland Park, StateKS  PostalCode66212


I ________________________________ request Vintage Products and its agents to conduct research on my behalf.

I authorized Vintage Products to conduct research at the rate of $25.00 an hour.  I understand that I will be charged $25.00 an hour with the minimum of $100.00, per request (or half deposit of requested amount) plus expenses.   Requests that require travel outside the Kansas City area (over 50 miles from Vintage Products) will require a $200.00 minimum deposit (or half the requested amount, whichever is greater).

I will set the maximum I wish to spend per request and when Vintage Products reaches the maximum I have requested, a detailed report will be sent to me on the findings. The maximum I would like to pay for this research project is $__________.   I understand that I will be charged at 50 cents per mile for travel to research facilities, parking will be charged at the current rate per location where applicable, and photocopies will be charged at the current rate of the research facilities.

I understand that research results will be based on the accuracy of information provided to Vintage Products and the availability of the information recorded in the records searched.  Vintage Products cannot guarantee that results will be positive but every effort will be made to find your ancestor or requested information in the records searched.  Vintage Products will provide detailed information on the records checked even if a negative result is obtained.

My Name:   _________________________________________
Address: _____________________City, State, Zip:____________________________
Daytime Phone: ____________________   Evening Phone or Cell: _______________
E-mail Address: ____________________   Fax: _______________________________

* Pre-payment for research is required.  

*Make checks payable to: Joan Kusek.   Print this form and mail to: Vintage Products, 9640 Walmer, Overland Park, KS  66212.   You may order by e-mail but payment must be sent by mail prior to start of research.  My e-mail address is:  A deposit is required before research will begin.  See above for minimum deposit information.

Arrangements can be made to make a deposit through PayPal.  Please contact Joan for instructions via email or phone at:  913-213-3550.   

*Hourly rate has been reduced for a limited time.