Genealogical Research Services
I started my genealogical research business and started publishing books of records over 20 years ago.  I began my interest in pursuiting my family history as a teanager.  I still enjoy conducting research that includes Genealogical / Family Research and Historical and look forward to assisting you in your search.  My background includes lecturing at area conferences on the Missouri and Kansas sides of Kansas CIty.  My favorite subject is "Research Methodology" as I enjoy helping others see beyond what is expected.  

My United States research offerings include:
U.S. Courthouse (Probate, Wills, Land, Naturalizations, Marriages, Divorce, and other often overlooked records)
National Archives (Census, Native American, Federal Naturalizations, War Records, Criminal, Land Records)
Library (KC has 3+ major genealogical research libraries with extensive U.S. collections - County Histories, Marriages, etc.)
LDS (provide a resources for records for all the U.S. including courthouse records + Ship records, Church records, and family histories)
Internet (Footnote, Ancestry, Heritage Quest, Family Websites, plus more...)
Kansas State or Missouri State Historical Society

My knowledge of Census, Naturalization records, Native American (American Indian), Probate, and Criminal records as well as many others helped me to expand my research services to clients all over the United States.  I am a former President of the Johnson County Kansas Genealogical Society.  (I believe I was one of the youngest on record).  I also helped expand and grow their membership and conference offerings.  

Shortly after starting my business, I began lecturing at various conferences and workshops on research methodology.  My topics included "Where There's No Will There's a Way,” "Land Records", “Naturalization Research", plus many more.  

I went on to teach at Johnson County Community College for twelve years as an instructor of my courses I created.  They included the "How to Dig Up Family Roots" series.  These courses provided my students with beginning, intermediate, and advanced genealogical research skills.  My students not only had classroom instruction on research methods, census research, courthouse research, and National Archives research but also included field trips to the National Archives, genealogical libraries, and courthouses so the students could conduct their own hands-on research after my classroom instruction.

In 1999, I went to work for a Fortune 200 company who conducted forensics on equipment for insurance cases.  I helped to develop a centralized international research division that provided extensive research on equipment to find "like, kind, and quality" specifications, pricing, and replacements.   I really had a great time working with this fantastic company and learned even more about research techniques, mostly on the internet.  Part of my experience during my time in the Corporate world was to reconstruct inventories on the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings after 911.  This was a very sad time for our country as well as a challenge to my research skills.

With years of research background under my belt, I offer my highly experienced professional genealogical background to conduct your research.  You set the minimum you wish to spend.  Once I reach that point, I will send you a detailed report of my findings.
Feel free to call and discuss the extent of my research options today.  I also has a massive private collection that I will research without travel expense at a low minimum fee.    My collection consists of Native American, Wyandotte Co., KS, Bates Co., KS, and miscellaneous Jackson County, MO records.  

Example of my (Joan Kusek's) Private Collection:

Native American Records which includes records for the Five Civilized Tribes (see Native American Research for additional records.)

Wyandotte Co., KS records from over 20 years of collections.  (See Wyandotte Co., KS research for collection information).  Including a large collection from an unknown Funeral Home that was given to me in the early 1990s.

Misc. Records -
     Jackson Co., MO - Mount St. Mary's Cemetery, Westport Cumberland Presbyterian Church records (includes records for Alexander Majors - of Pony Express fame.)
     Johnson Co., KS Cemetery records
     Bates Co., MO records (includes cemeteries, birth & deaths, marriages, and  index to probate records).

Additionally, research can be conducted at four major local genealogical libraries in the Kansas City area (Johnson County Genealogcial Library, Mid-Continent Library, Kansas City, MO Public Library, and Kansas City, KS Public Library), the LDS Libraries, and the National Archives. These resources allow me to research your family in almost any place in the United States through published records, microfilmed records, census, military records, and naturalzation records.  

Send Research Inquiries to:
or call 913-213-3550 for more information