Francis was reported to be related to Jessie James.  However, I have not found the connection.  The Watson family did live close to the James and did migrate often as my grandfather indicated. See folklore below.
Family folklore (told to me by my grandfather Ora Orville Elliott) was that the James brothers would often stay at the Watson farm inbetween robberies.  When Jessie left they would always leave a bag of money on the fireplace. One night they were staying at the Watson family farm, and Jessie and his gang were sleeping in the living area by the fireplace.  Francis went into the living area at night and woke up Jessie.  Jessie drew a gun on him.   Francis did not want his family exposed to this so he moved his family around so that Jessie couldn't find them.  

Sarah Ann Freemires was reported to be 1/2 Native American.
Family connections five generations back all say that Maria Brown Freemires was full-blood. I have yet to prove this or find out the name of the tribe.  My Great-Grandmother told my uncles and my Great-Aunt Reba that she was part Indian but flattly denied it to my mother.  My uncles and Great-Aunt all state they were told different tribes.  My Great-Aunt states Cherokee, my uncles say Shawnee, Blackfoot and Cherokee. All say they do not have a firm memory of what they were told as far as the tribe.
The Freemires moved and appeared to follow the Shawnee migration.
I have been told by a Native American expert, Charlie Barr who used to work at the National Archives, that many Native Americans married Germans as they would provide wells for the Native Americans on their land.  David Freemeyer (Freemires) was german .  
No proof but many family tales and research indicate this may actually be true.