Do you have someone in your family who is retired or needs a new hobby?  Genealogy is fun, mentally stimulating, and can be a gift given that can be passed down from generation to generation!
Due to Joan Kusek's long standing love of genealogy she is proud to present this resource for all your genealogical needs.
Joan Kusek provides research in Kansas City area Courthouses, LDS Libraries & 3 Major Genealogical Libaries for local and international research, the Internet, plus the National Archives for records all over the U.S.
Courthouse Research includes research in the following records:
Marriage, Probate, &  Land
Library Research:
Genealogical Publications such as: County Histories, Cemetery Records, Marriage records, Newspapers, City  & Directories, plus
National Archives
U.S. Census, Military, & Native American (Dawes Rolls, Guion Miller, Baker, & records of Native Americans in the Central Plains Region)
Courthouse Records for All the U.S. on Microfilm, City Directories, Family Histories, County History, & More
Internet Research
Joan have been conducting Genealogical Research  for over 20 years.  Joan Kusek is past President of the Johnson County Genealogical Society.  She also taught "How to Dig Up Family Roots" I, II, & III (Beginning to Advanced Genealogical Methodology) for over 10 years at a large suburban Kansas City Community College (Johnson County Community College) and return again to teach in January 2010. Conferences Joan has brought her research methology to in Kansas and Missouri have included  "Beginning Genealogy", "Land Records", "When There's No Will There's a Way".